Maximum Input

Hundreds of thousands of applicants to be the first to technologically make out in their car, and we won.

Henry and I were both shivering, our hands wound tightly together, as we stood in the driveway and watched the logo-encrusted van pull in.  Out popped a smiling Latino man, the sort that hosts late-night variety shows.

“Amigos!  I am Jorge. Let me see – you must be Henry,” he said, bobbing Henry’s free hand up and down.  My husband could barely nod.  "And you have got to be the lovely and talented Rosa.  We loved loved loved your essay.  So let’s get this started, eh?“

He and his crew went about pulling parts from their van.  I stood so enraptured with their process and products that I didn’t even notice Henry pull the groaning C230 out of the garage.

"Here she is,” Henry said, an unnatural amount of fondness in his voice as he patted the hood with one hand.  "Our first car.“  He looked at me and smiled.  "She’s pretty special.”

“Wonderful,” Jorge said, and his team descended upon our car like ants to watermelon.

A few hours later, they let us come back outside and sat us in the front seats.  There were now strange apparatuses scattered between our legs, under the seats, and around the instrument panels.  I lifted something that looked like a suction cup on Henry’s side.  "What is all this?“

"Virtual reality,” Jorge said in an eerie sing-song voice as he snapped something down over my eyes.

I was now staring at the inside of the car, but nakedly.  I squeaked and went to cover myself even as I turned to the left, where an equally naked Henry sat looking just as startled as I did.  "Woah,“ he said.

Suddenly the apparatuses came to life.  A long, slender tube snaked its way between my legs and hovered at my entrance.  Henry gulped as the suction cup clamped on to his dick.

"And go,” said Jorge’s disembodied voice; we were completely alone in our virtual world.

The car began to fuck us.

It rocked with the motion of a skilled human being, and Henry and I both drew in our breath at once. My hand went to his.  He reached over and grabbed my shirt front and stroked my tongue with his.  I struggled not to climax too quickly – while strangers were watching, what was I thinking?! – but the car was persistent, and I shuddered around the tube.  Henry’s hand tightened on mine.

“This – is – awesome,” he said, before his words collapsed like a tent and he made noises and the car gently came to a stop.

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