Internet-Speak Parody of “Still Alive”

This was a triumph
Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah
Everything went better than expected
Aperture Science
Challenge accepted cuz we can
All your base are belong to us
Except those deleteded
Don’t be Sad Keanu over every mistake
You just keep on trying, haters gonna hate
And the science gets done with a long-neck reaction
From the people who are still alive

I ain’t even mad, bro
I’m being Serious Cat right now
Even though you let me down, Rickrolled me
And tore me to PINGAS
And threw every piece on the ground
As they burned I rage quit cuz
I was so herping for you
Not a fuck was given, there was PROFIT??? in mind
It’s over 9000, we’re releasing on time
Me gusta getting burned, think of all the things we learned
If the Slender Man left you alive

Go ahead and leave me
I’ll just be forever alone
Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you
Maybe Lord Inglip
Cool story bro, ha ha, fat chance
Anyway, this cake is a lie
What is this I don’t even
Look at me, Y U TALKING when there’s science to do?
I herd u liek mudkips, well, I’m glad I’m not you
I’ve experiments to run, what is this I don’t even
Why is Rule 34 still alive?
And deal with it, I’m still alive
Bitches love science and I’m still alive
I might be trolling that I’m still alive
O R U Jelly? I am still alive
And when you’re dead? LOLWUT I’m still alive
Still alive
Still alive

(original lyrics: Still Alive © JoCo)

TMI (Seriously)

That awesome moment when you say “fuuuuuck me” in response to something that frustrates you and your significant other is sitting next to me and says “okay” and you’re totally okay with this.

they threw the surprise funeral
for Jenna and her little dog
and when the guests finally disappeared
no one took the burgers home.