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The Library Attic Collection Presents: Spellbreakers

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This sharp, imaginative collection of speculative short fiction binds readers in its spell…

Five high school friends grapple with a demonic infiltrator. A weeks-long chess game pits a cruel pawn shop manager against his employees. Two wives protect their Midwest neighbors from the demonic power that emanates from their local classical radio station.

Even the most powerful magics have their weaknesses, and some of those moments of unraveling play out in these six stories. This collection transports us to those moments of clarity when we might thwart the devious machinations of an ancient evil, no matter how insidious it might be.

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Don’t take my word for it…

“It reminds me of a Tardis, as it’s much bigger than you might think a 25K word book would be on the inside.” ~ Lori Alden Holuta, A License to Quill

“Have a cup of your favorite brew, and enjoy one or more of these delightful tales!” ~ Arlene, Goodreads reviewer