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Join Opie the incorruptible for this short but poignant tail of loyalty, responsibility, and adventure set in the Daugment universe…

Opie works a boring government job so he can send money back home on Mars to his drug-addicted parents (who don’t even remember their son is a cybernetic human-dog hybrid now). He’s got a chip-slot in his tongue that allows him to speak any language that can be loaded onto silicon, and a sense of morality more true than any compass — making him the perfect errand boy for people like Section Chief Ferra Cain, head of the Human Authority Tactical Intelligence.

When Cain summons Opie to the backwater planet of Shihar to act as guide for an expedition headed up by the native Shihari people, it seems like a pretty standard mission: don’t let the Shihari get greedy. Don’t let the mission go off the rails. DON’T let anyone take the payload.

But as the mission wears on, it’s the very things that made Opie the perfect spy that plant the seeds of doubt in his mind. As he ponders the right path, Opie will make choices that change the course of the mission — and his life.

What if “Air Bud” had a job like “Indiana Jones“? With a protagonist whose inner compass is as true as that of Samwise Gamgee or Nathan Drake, against the backdrop of a “Star Wars“-like universe, Seeker explores themes of self-worth, manipulation, and brotherly love through the lens of a cybernetically-enhanced dog.

Not sure that Seeker‘s 22k words are for you? What if I told you that this story contains…

🐺 A sweet pushover protagonist!
🐒 A squad of badass lizard-monkeys!
💅 An arrogant villainess!
🌴 A jungle fraught with peril!
🤝 Themes of brotherhood and found family!

Seeker would receive an R rating for extreme language.

📻🎶 Listen to the “soundtrack” — the tracks that inspired me as I wrote Seeker.

Illustration of the Shihari species by Leandro.