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Fetch Daugment from your favorite online bookstore!

No man — or dog — is an island.

A bitter rivalry between brilliant generals drove the pair to new heights during their illustrious careers, but now that fiercely introverted Pitney Scolan is retiring, he just wants to leave his bitter memories of Biaron Tristan behind and escape to his private planet.

Instead, Pitney has to become a dog.

Now, he’s Pit: a daugment, a cybernetically augmented dog, previously the loyal pet of Tristan himself. It’s the only way to escape certain assassination.

So Pit begrudgingly allies himself with a cast of quirky, well-meaning scoundrels and sets sail for seedier space in hopes of finding freedom from the clutches of Tristan and his allies. What Pit finds instead is an irreplaceable circle of intergalactic friendships.

This unique fast-paced soft sci-fi with a sense of humor will please fans of John Scalzi, Timothy Zahn, and stories about talking dogs in space. Yes. Life is weird, and this book is too.

If you loved tales of talking animals as a kid — if Lion King, Redwall, Watership Down, or Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH mean anything to you — and you kinda miss those stories but don’t want to give up the mature themes and high emotional intelligence of your favorite books today… then let me offer you Daugment.

Daugment‘s original cover, by Patrick Lequire.

Here are some reasons why you will probably enjoy all 90k words of Daugment more than you expect:

🐕 Talking dogs — nay, swearing dogs!
🚀 Awesome spaceships!
📚 Futuristic literary excerpts!
💜 Asexual representation!
🥰 Non-romantic love!
👑 Strong allusions to Irish mythology!
😈 An evil child!

Daugment would get an R rating, due to strong language and graphic violence (in the final scenes), but I would definitely call it a feel-good story with a hopeful (even happy) ending. The universe is a cruel place, so not even dogs are safe from harm — but I have a policy as an author not to linger on something longer than the story needs it to, so I give you my word on that. There’s also no explicit sexual content.

🎶 Listen to the “soundtrack” — a list of tracks that inspired Daugment plus some that remind me of the characters and events.

Art by M. Manning.
Top row, left to right: Ravenna, Fionn, Pit… and Pit.
Bottom row, left to right: Isais, Reesha, Jace, Minna, Argo, and Tristan.

Don’t take my word for it…

“[Daugment‘s] narrative boasts a remarkable fusion of personas and beings that demonstrate lovable, terrifying, persistent, and unforgettable qualities. It’s evident that both humans and canines play an integral role in keeping the world turning.” ~ Gina Rae Mitchell, book-obsessed Nana and reviewer

“I’d definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun read of any sort- it’s not only for sci-fi fans. Two paws up?” ~ Jennifer, Goodreads reviewer

“A unique scifi adventure highlighted by well-developed and intriguing ancillary characters and a truly terrible villain.” ~ Heather Barksdale, book reviewer

“How can you go wrong with talking space dogs? That’s a trick question. You can’t. Go forth and read this book. I’m certain you’ll have a fun time.” ~ Geo Holms, Amazon reviewer

Pit concept art commissioned on Fiverr.