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Studiolog: Week of April 29

W O W has it been a long time since the last one of these! Sorry about that, life ran us in circles and it was much more important to spend the time building relationships, our skills, and the studio than it was stopping to write it down.

That said… what have the Shames been up to?!

Jake hard at work on a seeeecret project.

In a word: MUSIC. Ahhhh! Something happened, and every one of us is suddenly excited about music: MIDI, analog synths (that’s mine!), guitars, basses, ukuleles… Each of us has our own interests and angles, but we’re going to bring it all together for an EP in the near future (🤞). Stay tuned, and so will we. 🤖

How did we get there, though?! First and foremost: JUNO. She’s amazing. Jake and I take Skype lessons from her – he takes guitar, and I take songwriting. Talking with her has totally changed how we each approach music and has inspired us beyond belief. We are so pumped to keep working with JUNO!

We’ve been focused on getting the studio up and running for music, which means new gear. My personal new favorite is my KORG synth “Korgi,” while Jake is really loving his Les Paul “Grimace” and Amy enjoys a Breedlove ukulele. We’re able to practically plug in and play any time now (thanks for all the constant wiring, Jake!!)… Jamming has started to sound pretty darn good.

Speaking of gear: There’s a new show on the horizon! Taking their guitar shop show to the next level (and, let’s be real, translating our podcast format to streaming), Josh and Jake will be streaming about all things music gear. They’re going to start with a show about pedals thanks to our good friend Jalop!

And, the old show goes on. Though life has tried its darndest to get in the way, Amy and I have managed to publish six more episodes of The Writers in the Room:

Thanks to our newest studio participant Julie, the gang is all participating in a writing project together! She has organized a turn-based narrative RPG called “Bloodcraft” based on World of Warcraft, and it’s gotten not only myself and Amy to write, but Jake and Josh too. Soon enough I imagine you’ll be able to follow along, but the website we’re using is currently private.

And of course, a few more items of note:

  • I dropped another short story for The Accidental Magic Project called “The Instinct.” I haven’t dabbled in fanfiction outside of my personal experience in a while, but it was very fun getting to know this particular world for a while.
  • I’ve continued modest growth of my jewelry business, Corvid Charms: I sold my first pair of earrings to a dear friend at work, and Amy commissioned me to create a pair for one of her colleagues. I’ve also expanded to designing necklaces.
  • We’ve been watching a lot of Masterclass – Neil Gaiman, Timbaland, Deadmau5, Penn and Teller… Highly recommended viewing instead of another trash TV show.
  • We’ve got a tentative name for the studio/business, but we’re going to wait to debut it until branding is a bit more baked in.
  • Julie set up a very cool photoshoot in which I got to be a forest witch.
Photo credit to Josh, concept credit to Julie.

If you’re someone who writes collaboratively and regularly, and you’re interested in being part of an author collective, please contact me! I’d love to talk.

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