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She Is

A conversation that came to me as I sat on the couch the other night…

“What do you know, teacher?”

“Too much.”

“A given.”

“Too much sadness.”


“Everyone’s. I move through a crowd and it sloughs onto me.”

“What do you know about the woman?”

“She is.”

Curious silence.

“A woman.”

“She is.”

“She is, and she will be.”

“While we are still watching, teacher?”

“Yes. I believe so. She is coming quickly to the turning point. Not long now.”

“When she is… will the sadness change?”

“The sadness can never leave. You know that. Without it, there is no humanity.”

“I know.”

“But yes. The sadness will change.”

“She will change the sadness.”

“She will.”

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