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Cross-notebook links in OneNote

OH MAN. You know you’re in for an exciting ride when that’s the title of a blog post. (Sorry, kids, SEO reasons.) But before you run off, already bored, let me tell you about something that makes my meal planning really easy.

(Whoops! This isn’t a writing-related example, per se – but if I didn’t have a meal plan in place, with a household of five adults, I wouldn’t have time to write. So. Tangentially related!)

As I might have mentioned previously, OneNote is my saving grace when it comes to keeping my life on track. When our three roommates moved in with me and the hub, we decided to do a food sharing plan that involved a good deal of administrative work (and a decent deal for everyone involved). One of the first things I did was craft up a table for our weekly meal planning:

A typical week’s food for five. Thank the universe I don’t usually have to worry about breakfasts and lunches…

I make one of these weekly or so, and it keeps us on track, more or less.

But see those blue links? Those are what this post is about. Those are cross-notebook links. Any one of them I click on will take me to the corresponding recipe in my Cookbook OneNote (a topic for another post). Which means that I can not only line up my food ideas for myself and my roommates, I can also line up the instructions.

Here’s how you can do it for yourself:

Type some text you want to turn into a link to another notebook.

Select it and press Ctrl + K (or select Insert > Link).

In the box marked “Or pick a location in OneNote,” start typing the name of the page you want to link to.

When it appears, select it and choose OK.

Your cross-notebook link will now carry you to your intended destination!

Using this, plus a table, you can quickly brainstorm and then link up a meal plan from your favorite recipes, stored in OneNote. (I’ll explain how to set this system up for yourself in another post!)

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