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Creating tables in OneNote

Tables are the best. (NERD ALERT.) I’m no traditionally-trained project manager, but damn if I don’t love to track things in columns and rows.

Here’s a pretty traditional usage of tables in my OneNote notebooks: my breakdown of our first issue of Ships Illustrated.

Nothing fancy! Just the content, the person responsible, and the status. Nice and basic.

This is another table I created to track a Star Citizen-related project — ship buyer’s guides. This broke them down by ship type, what stories we wrote for each guide, and the taglines we used. Then I color-coded to indicate status (i.e. it was a finished guide, we had all the ships necessary, the ships weren’t ready…).

What do these tables have in common? They were created in OneNote with pretty much zero effort on my part.

Here’s how you can do it for yourself:

Go to the page where you’d like your table.

Type the first column heading. Press Tab.

Type the next column heading. Press tab and repeat until you have as many columns as you want.

Press Enter to start the first row, and tab to move to the next box.

Quick as you like, you’ve got a table! It’s searchable like all other textual content in your notes. All you need to do is make that top column bold and you’ve got enough for a quick and easy reference.

A table I threw together when I was brainstorming my current project, Portent.

Use this trick to put everything into tables. Put your holiday shopping list into a table (Person, Gift, Purchased?, Wrapped?, Gifted?). Put your 2018 resolutions into a table. Put your private diary entries into a ding-dang table.

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