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Attention almost-authors! I want to interview you.

Do you have a book that’s nearly there? Are you a few drafts — or even just a few cover letters — away from being a published author for the first or the tenth time? I’d like to interview you!

I think it would be interesting to interview writers who haven’t gotten to the finish line yet. Because we’re all there on something in our lives. It can be a lonely and disheartening place to be, that place of partial project completion.

I’d like to chat with people who have a story, a dream, and a plan for how to turn the other two into a published book. I’m interested in talking to writers who are going the traditional route, would-be indie authors, and everyone in between.

If you’re in the pits of despair, wondering if you’ll ever escape the editing nightmare,┬álet’s talk. If you’ve got a 27-step strategy for landing a publishing deal, but can’t seem to gain traction, let’s talk. Maybe by talking me through your roadblocks, you’ll think of ways to get past them.

Reach out to me if this is you! Email me at, or message me on Facebook.

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