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We Want Our Space

When Planetary Resources first launched, I was working with a group of people who were inspired to call others around the world to action. Not any particular action, yet – we were just excited about space and wanted other people to get excited, too. Planetary Resources seemed like an amazing start, and we wanted to see more innovative ideas and companies spring out of a collective desire to get out into outer space. We reserved a domain and wrote up a spec script for a cause-agnostic trailer about being the next generation of explorers, featuring a girl walking through a tall field of grass with a bright field of stars drawing her attention overhead…


I look up at the stars and I know: I can do great things.  I am part of humanity.  I was born of explorers, innovators, and dreamers.

I want to live in a future where we don’t just see the stars at night.

I want to find the materials to build us safer, cleaner homes.  I want to bring water home to those who don’t have it.  I want to discover new horizons where there is room for all of humankind to thrive.

We can do this if we work together.  We must build on the work of those who came before us, those who dreamed of leading humanity to the stars.  We must embrace our wanderlust, our hunger to become greater than we are now.

Our leaders need to know: we want our space.  We want to reach the galaxies that call to us on a clear night.  We want to embrace the endless possibilities right over our heads.

This can be our next frontier, our next triumph.  We go forth not to conquer the stars, but to liberate humanity.  The earth is our home, but the universe is our future.

I can lead us.  But I need your help.  Reach for the skies with me.

Out there?  There’s space – for all of us.