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Short Story Boot Camp

Pick up Short Story Boot Camp at your favorite online bookstore!

Are you ready to spew words, recruit?!

I’m your drill sergeant, and I’ll be walking you through 52 challenging but rewarding weeks with Short Story Boot Camp, where I’ll whip you into writin’ shape.

We’ll start by staining the blank page, then lay down a solid foundation with the building blocks of a good short story (Setting, Character, Motivation, Barriers, and Language).

Next, we’ll explore more complex topics to add depth to your arsenal (such as Theme, Hooks, Message, Trajectory, and more), and finally we’ll mix and match these elements to focus your efforts on improving your techniques.

You’ll be churning out better fiction in no time! New to short stories, or consider yourself a veteran? No matter! I’ll have you in tip-top form by the time I’m through with you. Now let’s get writing!

The real secret to getting better at something is doing it a lot. That’s how I came upon the idea for Short Story Boot Camp–I wanted a fun way to make the act of practicing feel more interesting and rewarding than just, well, rote practice.

If you follow Short Story Boot Camp the way it was intended (which you don’t have to! You can certainly just do an exercise when you feel like it), you’ll have over 50 short stories at the end of a year. That’s enough to get better at anything, much less writing. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have improved your ability over the course of those completed works.

If you still need more convincing, here are some reasons you’ll benefit from reading all 35k words of Short Story Boot Camp:

🤬 A drill sergeant narrator persona!
👀 Writing examples!
🏋️‍♀️ Exercises you can reuse outside of the course!
✨ Extra inspiration with many exercises!