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Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now!

Snag Promptly from your favorite online bookstore!

Promptly, a book of mix-and-match prompts for fiction writers.

Go from zero to a decent hero (plus a concept and a world) in no time!

Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now! will spark your imagination with writing prompts from every category important to fleshing out a strong idea: characters, concepts, conflicts, and settings. Mix and match using the guides provided to go from no idea at all to the bare bones of a working novel! Fire up your imagination with the must-have resources in this book, from worksheets to prompt lists.

Intended for writers of speculative fiction (like fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and everything in between), Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now! will challenge you to think of your world and the characters that populate it from new angles that will get you to write fast… right now!

I kept Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now! short and sweet, because the faster you get me to the good stuff with a writing craft book, the better. Do unto others and all that. Here are five reasons you’ll enjoy all 9500 words of this little book:

♾️ (Nearly) endless combinations of prompts!
🗓️ Writing plan guides for those who want discipline!
📚 Word teasers!
🤔 Thought exercises!
📃 Worksheets for further prompt fun!

If you loved Writer’s Digest books when those were a thing that would come to your house, or if you subscribe to various writing prompt accounts on social media, then Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now! should scratch your itch. Grab a copy for those days when you want to write but feel totally directionless and want some structured fodder for your imagination!