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Projects & collaborators

I am working on any number of things at a time, and try to keep this list up to date… but, you know, the whole day job thing.

Active projects

These projects are in progress, and pages will be added for them when they are fully published for public consumption.

Welcome to Saltbush

Illustration by Saly Lockheart.

Jill Corddry and I have been writing together for over a decade now, usually by contributing to an ongoing, ever-morphing project about what happens when unintended consequences come to those who use magic (we called it The Accidental Magic Project). Some years we write short stories, some years we attempt to build longer works together.

Recently, we’ve decided to polish up and publish our collaborative novel, Welcome to Saltbush, about magical happenings in Texas and the two unlikely heroes who have to rally their town to save it. We plan to publish it on Kindle Vella and eventually as a proper eBook. We are currently editing this project.


Concept art created with Midjourney.

A short work that takes place in the Daugment universe, intended to give readers a taste of the world for free. I am currently drafting this project.

A Mutiny of Pirates: Here Be Dragons

The sequel to the aforementioned first novel, this book continues the adventures of the space pirates, the Damn Shames, with a focus on their sniper Dragon. I am currently developing this project.

Gods of Atlantis: Infernal Tides

The sequel to Boiling Point, this book follows the adventures of the miiquils in Egypt, navigating court intrigue, treacherous treaties, and a touch of romance. I am currently developing this project.

Code name: “Drop Your Shanties”

(Not Bad’s sophomore album) – Our collective’s attempt to make music, Not Bad is, well… not too bad! Our first EP, “Atrocit-E,” was released in April 2020, a soundtrack to a spy thriller that never existed. Collaborators: Jake N., Josh H., Amy K., Utho Riley

If you’re a Spotify user, give it a listen!


My solo musical venture, where I (apparently) entertain Australian schoolchildren with my witty dad jokes about chickens. In reality, I’d set out to create “focus music,” the kind of repetitive but meandering songs that help keep your brain occupied while you’re otherwise completing a task. Expect both kinds of chaos.

Militant chickens are so popular. Who knew?


Beyond our collective and others mentioned above, folks I’ve collaborated with in the past include:

If you’ve collaborated with me before, and you don’t see yourself in this list, please reach out with a link!