How do I spend my copious amounts of free time? On a wide variety of projects, of course.

Collaborative efforts

The Damn Shames — A studio collective with my husband and some local friends. We currently work on “new entertainment” for the game Star Citizen, including our fan-publication Ships Illustrated. Along with my media contributions, I also write the serial story “A Mutiny of Pirates.”

The Damn Shames
Art of the Damn Shames by con-affetto-kiko.

Not Bad — Our studio collective’s attempts to make music. We are…not bad. We also have the TDS Custom Shop, but that’s mostly my husband’s — I visit the garage to consult on color.

The Writers in the Room — A (sorta-)weekly podcast, hosted by yours truly and Amy, streamed live on Mixer and then uploaded later to Soundcloud. We talk about writing tips, what we’re currently working on and how very stuck and/or lazy we are, and how to work collaboratively.

The Accidental Magic Project — A collaborative effort between myself, Jill Corddry, and several others to write short stories about, well, accidental magic! Started in January 2018, intended to finish December 2018.

Illustration for my story “The Reptile Man” from The Accidental Magic Project.

Original comic series — A soon-to-be-announced project between the Shames and artist Alex Von T, intended to strike all the right nostalgia chords.

Solo ventures

Working title: “Portent” — A supernatural romance about the ancient Atlanteans. I’ve finished the first draft.

Code name: “Empire” — An epic sci-fi romance series that borrows from many other sub-genres. The first book needs a final pass before publication; I’m working on the first draft of the second book.

Art by Johanna H. of the four main characters from Book 2 of “Empire”.

Working title: “Short Story Boot Camp” — A 52-week course of exercises for how to get better at writing short stories, starting from the foundational elements. I’m working on the first draft.

Working title: “Why Aren’t You Cooking Yet?” — A non-fiction how-to book, co-written with my husband, about teaching yourself how to cook by focusing on what you love to eat. We’re working on the first draft.

Working title: “Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now!” — A book of writing prompts intended to form a soup of random ideas from which a story may emerge. I’m working on the first draft.

Working title: “A God Grown Old” — The story of St. George and the Dragon, from the dragon’s perspective. I’m ruminating on a second draft.

Code name: “Prairie” — A sci-fi adventure set on a prairie planet. I’m in the research phase.

Books and bytes