Projects I’m working on

Collaborative efforts

The Damn Shames — A studio collective with my husband and some local friends. We currently work on “new entertainment” for the game Star Citizen, including our fan-publication Ships Illustrated. Along with my media contributions, I also write the serial story “A Mutiny of Pirates.”

Not Bad — Our studio collective’s attempts to make music. We are…not bad.

The Accidental Magic Project — A collaborative effort between myself, Jill Corddry, and several others to write short stories about, well, accidental magic!

Solo ventures

Working title: “Portent” — A supernatural romance about the ancient Atlanteans. I’ve finished the first draft.

Working title: “Shame in the Kitchen” — A non-fiction how-to book, co-written with my husband, about teaching yourself how to cook. We’re working on the first draft.

Working title: “A God Grown Old” — The story of St. George and the Dragon, from the dragon’s perspective. I’m ruminating on a second draft.

Code name: “Empire” — An epic sci-fi romance series that borrows from many other sub-genres. The first book needs a final pass before publication; I’m outlining the second book.

Code name: “Prairie” — A sci-fi adventure set on a prairie planet. I’m in the research phase.

Books and bytes