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Active projects

How do I spend my copious amounts of free time? On a wide variety of projects, of course.

DGA Media

DGA Media (or Don’t Go Alone Media) is a studio collective that started as The Damn Shames. We are five friends who decided to make things together, starting with the TV show Band in Seattle and fan content for the game Star Citizen (like our publication Ships Illustrated and my serial fan-fiction story “A Mutiny of Pirates“).

These days, we dabble in everything: video, music, podcasts, books, photography, comics, streaming, food, hand-made goods… The connective tissue is that we don’t go alone. We collaborate and use our strengths to make each other’s ideas and output better.

The Damn Shames
Art of the fictional Damn Shames crew by con-affetto-kiko.

DGA Media is made up of myself, my husband Jake, and our friends Amy, Josh, and Zach. We are always collaborating beyond our physical borders and are constantly on the hunt for new collaborative partners.

DGA Media covers a few of our active projects, including…

Not Bad

Not Bad is our collective’s collective attempts to make music. We are…not bad! We recently released our first EP, “Atrocit-E,” which is the soundtrack to a 1980s sci-fi spy thriller that never existed. Jake and Josh work on guitars for the TDS Custom Shop as well.

The Writers in the Room

The Writers in the Room is a semi-regular podcast hosted by yours truly and Amy. We talk about writing tips, what we’re currently working on and how very stuck and/or lazy we are, and how to work collaboratively. The podcast is on an indefinite hiatus.

Past collaborators

People we’ve collaborated with in the past include:

If you’ve collaborated with us before, under The Damn Shames or any other name, and you don’t see yourself in this list, please reach out with a link!

Solo ventures

I’m always working on my own projects as well, staying busy with lots of ideas on the various metaphorical burners. Here are a few of my active projects I’m ready to share.


My solo music ventures. I’m very experimental and don’t box myself into one genre, though some of my friends have said “your music all has the same vibes” so I’m counting that as something.

Working title: “Portent”

A supernatural romance about the ancient Atlanteans. I’ve finished the first draft and have started to sketch out a sequel — along with other, related trilogies in a series jokingly codenamed “werewolves_vampires_aliens.”

Code name: “Empire”

An epic sci-fi romance series that borrows from many other sub-genres. The first book needs a final pass before publication; I’m working on finalizing the first draft of the second book.

Art by Johanna H. of the four main characters from Book 2 of “Empire”.

Working Title: “Ghost Road Colony”

My NaNoWriMo novel for 2019. It’s a throwaway concept about a social outcast in a far-flung human colony befriending a ghostly former inhabitant of the same planet. Amy will now be taking a crack at the second draft.