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Gods of Atlantis: Boiling Point

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What does it take to live — and die — with no regrets?

Trapped on her tiny island home of Naushena, pushed into the life her family wants for her, shapeshifting miiquil Charra longs for more. She’ll happily give up ordinary years of partnership, hatchlings, and a career as the city architect to follow the enigmatic Divine of the Sea.

But when Charra and her part-time suitor Minnor rescue city official Shago’s son from certain death, she’s catapulted into far more romance, intrigue, and danger than she had bargained for. With the miiquil way of life and Naushena itself threatened by Shago’s malice, Charra finally has the chance to seize the purposeful life she’s dreamed of since she was a cub.

And somehow, in the midst of everything, she’s falling in love — twice.

Charra’s choices will change miiq-kind forever.

This (very) soft science fantasy book was written with adult fans of Redwall in mind, and will appeal to readers who enjoy stories featuring three-way romances, anthropomorphic animals, and strong families. Although it is a romance, it has heavy action elements and may not appeal to all readers looking for a love story.

Art of Charra, Belario, and Minnor by Psyciin.

If you’re a fan of the adventures penned by Brian Jacques, Xiran Jay Zhao, or Kristin Cashore — but would maybe like more animals than those last two — then Boiling Point was written for you. It’s a high-stakes, emotionally-driven story about unconventional and unconditional love.

Charra concept art by Chee.

Need more reasons why you’ll find yourself swept up in Boiling Point‘s 90k words? Here are five:

🐭 Animal-headed shapeshifting aliens!
💕 A love triangle that resolves happily!
🐺 A sympathetic villain!
🏝️ Island life!
🚢 Allusions to a certain 90s blockbuster!

Boiling Point would get a PG-13 rating, due to some graphic violence and disturbing images (towards the end of the book). There’s also a bit of swearing, though these are animal-headed aliens, so how offensive can it really be? Also, there is no explicit sexual content, but there is a three-way romance.

📻🎶 Listen to the “soundtrack” — the playlist I listened to while I wrote Boiling Point.

Art of Charra, Belario, and Minnor by Jesse Quinones.

Don’t take my word for it…

“There‚Äôs a lot of great character work in the narration and dialogue to bring our central trio to life, and I especially got swept up in the banter and flirtation of it all. Witty and imaginative, the sci-fi and fantasy elements are atmospheric and suitably backgrounded to let the character-led storyline shine.” ~ K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite reviewer

Art of Charra, Belario, and Minnor by Katharine Linnea.