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About August

August Niehaus has completed 30-odd trips around the sun, as far as she knows. She likes the light of said sun, but she needs the rain, too, so she’s cleverly stationed herself in the misty Pacific Northwest with her husband and her job in the tech industry. She’s a writer of many things. TOO MANY THINGS. Her co-conspirator Amy once said August has “a solution for every suggestion.”

When she was five, she typed up her first story, “The Hoppers Go on Vacation.” It was love at first inkjet-printed page. (To this day, she loves the smell of paper freshly ejected from a printer.) A lot of what she’s written over the years — not to mention most of what she’s read — involves talking animals and other un-humans; she’s especially fond of science fiction, magical realism, and science fantasy, but she’ll dabble in any genre or format at least once, especially if the potential for experimentation is good.

She enjoys creating, organizing, and developing concepts, and always has too many projects going. She firmly believes that teamwork is the best kind of work, so she engages in projects large and small with friends, strangers, and colleagues from around the world. She’s always excited to get reading recommendations, almost as excited as she gets when she sees a crow.

August’s opinions are her own, and don’t reflect her employer’s or anyone else’s.