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About August

photo credit Josh Hnosko.

August Niehaus keeps trying to write serious books, but it’s no use. She grew up on Star Wars, The Lion King, Redwall, and other fantastical tales of unlikely heroes, which influence what she writes today. When she was five, she typed up her first story, “The Hoppers Go on Vacation.” It was love at first inkjet-printed page.

As a writer, August’s brand is anchored in talking animals and other un-human characters, as they help her (and her readers) explore complex human issues without all the meatspace baggage. Her stories commonly touch on themes of hope, reluctant leadership, and found family, and occupy the space in and around the science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative genres.

After majoring in journalism and minoring in psychology at a small college in Seattle, WA, August has worked with words in the technology industry for a decade now, in addition to self-publishing three novels (“A Mutiny of Pirates: Kinfolk“, “Daugment“, and “Gods of Atlantis: Boiling Point“), a short story collection (“The Library Attic Collection Presents: Spellbreakers“) and four non-fiction titles (“Robotics for Writers“, “Short Story Boot Camp“, “Why Aren’t You Cooking?” and “Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now!“).

August lives on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, a dog named Gizmo, and a herd of goats whose names mostly start with B (plus a sheep named Betty White). When not writing, you’ll find August in the garden, in the kitchen, in the music studio, or trying to get the animals to talk back.

You can find August on Goodreads, Amazon, Bookbub, and Facebook. She doesn’t use other social media, so don’t trust the goblins out there.

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August’s opinions are her own, and don’t reflect her employer’s or anyone else’s.