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A Mutiny of Pirates: Kinfolk

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Not all promises are made equal.

Kin Hanford, muscle for the space pirate gang the Damn Shames, is running from his problems—a son who doesn’t want to see him, an ex-wife who would love to see him destitute. He’s got a decent life with his crew, though they’re always flirting with death and dodging disaster.

But real trouble comes for Kin and the Shames in the form of a mysterious stranger with an even more mysterious map, followed by some of the galaxy’s most powerful—and suspicious—elite. When the newest Shames are kidnapped by cruel socialite Tana Zaalis, Kin throws caution to the winds and goes after them. He bravely faces vicious monsters, a cunning information broker, and Tana herself… and learns along the way where his priorities in life truly lie.

This science fiction adventure book is the first in the trilogy A Mutiny of Pirates, which is based loosely on the story of Treasure Island. Readers who enjoy stories about found families, unusual worlds, and multi-faceted relationships will find Kinfolk has what they’re looking for. Though this is an action-packed story, the primary plot points are emotional, so Kinfolk may appeal to readers who prefer a book with a high EQ rather than a high body count.

Kinfolk‘s cover was beautifully illustrated by Natasha Scheraya.

If you enjoy James S.A. Corey’sThe Expanse books and/or show, Disney’s “Treasure Planet,” the Star Wars extended universe novels from the 90s and 2000s, or hopepunk like Becky Chambers or Prachett and Gaiman’s Good Omens… then Kinfolk will find a place on your shelf.

Still not ready to crack open Kinfolk‘s 90k words? Allow these reasons to convince you:

🧑🏻‍👩🏿‍👧🏻 Awkward but endearing found family!
🚀 More spaceship scenes than Star Wars!
🫂 The pursuit of healthier relationships!
💃 A fashionable villainess!
3️⃣ The start of a gripping trilogy!

Kinfolk would receive an R rating for extreme language, graphic violence, and some suggested adult content (between consenting adult characters). It is not, however, a gratuitous book.

📻🎶 Listen to the “soundtrack” — the playlist I listened to while I wrote Kinfolk.

Art of Kin and Cessie by Ariarinko.