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Recommendation: Wired For Story

How often do you come across a single piece of writing that changes the trajectory of your writing career?

That’s what Wired For Story, a fantastic book by Lisa Cron, did for me this year.

It came highly recommended by my good friend Ava Lock, whose advice I value a lot. Around the same time, I was driving a lot more than usual, on the same route over and over (we were moving). I decided it was time to steal one of Jake’s Kindle credits and listen to Wired.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Maybe it’s because I was in the car, so my mind was just the right amount of occupied, but I’ve never absorbed quite so much from one text about writing. At turns practical, scientific, and goofy, the book weaves brain science with the art and craft of creating a solid story, drawing on relatively familiar and clear examples.

Of particular interest were the sections on the protagonists’s goal and inner issue, taking “things go wrong” to the next level, and setups and payoffs. These are all skills to hone, not innate talents, and Wired breaks down how to get better at them.

What I found particularly enjoyable about this book, beyond the ways it opened my eyes to improvements in my writing process, was that it helped me understand why I enjoy a story when I enjoy it, and why I dislike a story when I dislike it. And it did all that without removing my enjoyment of a solid story!

Five stars for this book. If you do audiobooks, this is a good candidate.

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