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Life is changing…

We’ve all been affected by life’s major changes lately, and on top of that, a massive shift in my reality is coming:

We bought a house.

More specifically, we bought a farm.

By “we,” I mean myself and Jake. The era of the Shames living under the same roof is coming to an end — Josh and Amy are both moving in with their own people, and Jake and I will be moving to our very own place in mid-December. Zach will be joining us, and so will my fantastic collaborator, Tea, and her other half.

My hope and plan is to try building new habits when my environment is so different, and so I expect a burst of activity on here — as there is every December — followed by some kind of levelling off. We’re going to have goats, barn cats, an acre of pasture, and a 3000 sqft shop, all of which will need our attention but also channel our creative energy.

I’m going to have one of my closest collaborators on site, which I imagine will also result in fruitful partnerships. While some of the activities we used to do on a regular basis may come to an end — such as The Writers in the Room podcast or the car videos — the Shames plan to continue making things together and finding new artists to collaborate with.

It’s a shifting, a growing, a changing. I hope it will be better in many ways.

Stay tuned for this new chapter…

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