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A long overdue update!

This isn’t a studiolog proper, but… I needed to freshen up the content here a little bit while I’m spooling out new projects on the regular…

Since the last time I checked in on this blog, I’ve been involved in the following:

Not Bad – we did it. FOR REAL. We made an EP. It’s called ATROCIT-E and there is a big ol’ story behind that name that I will probably never type out for this blog. The INCREDIBLE cover art is by my amazing friend Kyla/Tea.

Katerwauler – my solo music liiiiiives! I’ve got three songs up on Spotify and I’ve made a couple of videos to go with the songs. I recently put up another song that will be out any day now.

Utho Riley – our label, DGA Media, signed our first artist – our good friend and collaborator Utho Riley! We got his entire collection of orchestral soundtrack-style music up on Spotify and all of the other major distributors and he continues to produce amazing stuff.

The Writers in the Room – we’ve done a complete overhaul on our branding, format, and website, and put out a whole lot of episodes to boot.

Ghost Road Colony – I conquered NaNoWriMo once again and spun out 37k words of a science fiction adventure that Amy is going to write the second draft for. HYPE.

Three – Amy has handed me all of her notes, beats, and visual inspiration for a tale of love, lust, and family ties set in modern times. I’ve never written anything like this before but I am beyond excited to collaborate in this way.

Joyrides – as if we needed another channel, we got one! It’s called Joyrides and it’s about cars. The lockdown happened right as we were getting this pipeline warmed up so it’s stalled a little (pun intentional), but I’m excited to keep composing music for these ventures. Our most popular video so far is about Josh’s Corolla.

The Accidental Magic Project – once again Jill and I took on the challenge of writing several short stories throughout the year. I’ve managed two so far (All Hands on Deck and Droplet Drummers) and I kind of love them?? My favorite part so far has been getting to commission artists to do illustrations…

The Porsche 944 – ahhh, the little car that could. We rescued a 1985.5 Porsche 944 for Jake’s birthday and he and Josh have restored the interior in a breathtaking fashion. Hopefully there’ll be a Joyrides video for it soon!

Top Secret Comic ProjectAlex and I have been working on this for years now but recently we made the best move EVER and got Kyla/Tea on board. She’s doing the sketches, Alex is inking, and we are cranking!!!

Why Aren’t You Cooking? – after YEARS of saying we’d get it done, we got it done! Jake and I wrote a book about how to teach yourself to cook – not strictly a cookbook, but something more than that. Patrick put together a lovely little cover for it as well.

I also…

  • Commissioned SO MUCH ART 💸
  • Helped Jake kickstart some writing of his own 😍
  • Made MANY new friends (and rekindled old friendships) on Twitter/Discord 💪
  • Started mentoring some young writers around the world ✍
  • Got the creative community to 35 people!! 🙌
  • Started reading aloud for authors I like (next up: Alpha Bots by Ava Lock!) 🤖
  • Did some other stuff I’m forgetting???

If you’re someone who writes collaboratively and regularly, and you’re interested in being part of an author collective, please contact me! I’d love to talk.

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