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Studiolog: Week of September 2

It’s been a month… or three… since the last one of these. So of course the Shames have been up to some ish!

…like what?

Acquiring new vehicles, for starters! Jake and I got ourselves a fantastic Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, while Josh acquired himself a Toyota Corolla hatchback in blue. Really blue.

A black Toyota Tacoma from the front.
The truck in the wild!

This means, of course, that we have to start making media content based on our new babies. Jake and I grabbed some footage while on vacation last week and I’m going to compose some music for Josh to edit to. I’ll share what we come up with as it gets finished!

Oh, did I mentioned I’m publishing another book?!

Patrick created an AMAZING cover, as per usual. This took him approximately three hours.

Yes indeed! It’s the long-overdue “Promptly: Write Fast, Write Now!” You can order your copy now and you’ll receive it on publication day, which is September 16th. The basic premise is: I have always wanted a prompt book that not only gave me the random inspiration of prompts, but a structured way to use that random inspiration. That’s what I’ve striven to do with “Promptly” and I can’t wait to hear from my readers if I managed to do so.

We’ve continued making progress on our albums – the Not Bad EP in the key of E minor, and my own personal album, which also doesn’t have a title yet… nor a theme, for that matter. I kinda figured this would take longer than I was hoping it would, but I’ve been learning so much from JUNO in the meantime that it just doesn’t matter if it’s stretched out a while… the results are going to be awesome.

Jake and Josh continue their work on the guitars, and now they’re even staining bodies for the shop where Jake works part-time. This is kind of a huge milestone, and I am going to brag the heck out of it as soon as we get official pics…

Julie and I have brainstormed ourselves a new project: a crime-thriller-scifi-horror podcast called //Reload. We want to fully voice it and write weird-ass stories about mysterious happenings, kinda like Bedtime Stories on YouTube but fictional. We have two concepts so far and are looking for people to help us fully voice our scripts!

Though we’ve slowed our roll a bit, Amy and I still published two episodes of The Writers in the Room: Breaking the bad habit, about cutting ourselves off from our writer-slackin’, and our spoilerful review of Good Omens, Part I.

Though I haven’t published any finished fiction recently, I (and everyone else) have continued to participate in Bloodcraft, and I’ve made progress on my sci-fi epic sequel… I’ve taken the number of brackets down to around 200! I also published a novella under a pen name last month, which was a triumph!

If you’re someone who writes collaboratively and regularly, and you’re interested in being part of an author collective, please contact me! I’d love to talk.

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