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Studiolog: Week of November 19

Hello world! The Shames took some vacation time this week (or were forced to do so by federally mandated holidays) and were up to some ish…

During my time off, I’ve been working on projects, like I do. Because I obviously don’t have enough stuff to steal my time, I came up with a children’s book idea based on my cousin’s new baby and her stuffed elephant toy/friend. Nicole is going to illustrate, and I am so excited about it.

I am pleased to announce that I’m back on track with NaNoWriMo! After a few days of nose to the grindstone, I’m sitting where I should be with just an average 1667-word day standing between me and today’s par. By no means am I impressing myself this year on word count productivity…other than the part where I hadn’t really written longform all year until now, so it’s nice to get back into the practice. Meanwhile, Amy continues to plug away and make more progress than she ever has on a single project before. I’m so damn proud.

You know what else I’m proud of? The fact that Amy and I have now, for eight consecutive weeks, spent an hour or two on Saturdays streaming to talk about our writerlives. The Writers in the Room ran live again successfully today, and we posted part 2 of the “100 Ideas on One Stream” episode to Soundcloud.

(By the way, Soundcloud’s free version is annoyingly limiting. I guess 3 hours of upload time is enough if you create songs that are no more than five minutes apiece – that’s basically three full albums – but for a talk show, not so great. We may need to start looking at getting our podcast up on a podcast-friendly network, or else we’re in for a $144 cost for the year. Worth it? Not sure yet.)

If you can’t get enough Amy content, you can now follow her on Twitter at her amazing handle, @threedaloo. She intends to write quippy internet gold, which I assume you can’t pass up, so go give her a follow.

Josh was busy grabbing some photographs of the guitars that are going up for sale, but I don’t have his quality versions yet, so I imagine I’ll have those for-sale links next studiolog. Instead, please enjoy this image of the studio dog being entirely unhelpful.

Gizmo had other ideas about what ought to be photographed.

More purchase options: I’ll be starting a Daugment holiday discount campaign this evening or early tomorrow morning. If you have any sci-fi fans on your list, it’ll be just $1.99 for the next couple of weeks, and makes a great virtual stocking stuffer or a present for someone you’re not ready to drop a fiver on.

If you’re someone who writes collaboratively and regularly, and you’re interested in being part of an author collective, please contact me! I’d love to talk.

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