Studiolog: Week of August 20th

I had all of these grand plans to write and be productive this weekend, and then we went and got a dog.

I’ll tell the story another time, but this (still unnamed) boy is my dream dog. He looks exactly how I imagined, he came to me in exactly the kind of way I’d always imagined, and he doesn’t stink (??!?) and he doesn’t drool and he sleeps 16 hours a day and wants to play first thing in the morning when he’s talking to me.

He’s the best.

So: the Shames have been up very little besides walking and feeding and leash-training and cuddling and watching in disbelief as a handsome doggo trots around our house.

I made some music last night, and Jake and Josh are working on a new Star Citizen video, mostly just for funsies. But really: doggo.


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