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Month: June 2018

Studiolog: Week of June 18th

Is this thing still on? Man, what have the Shames been up to? Besides, of course, sprawling in the heat, getting more new jobs, and rescuing guitars… Wait, rescuing guitars? Yes, Jake is now the lead artist at the shop in our garage we’re calling The Sharper Axe. He finished his first guitar this week, and yes, it IS inspired by Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. (It’s also for sale, if you have a kid or pal…

Oasis Orchards Pinot Gris

I challenged Amy to some really goofy writing prompts the other night, and this came out of the prompt, “Write a snooty, nonsensical wine description.” Step into the tantalizing, arid desert with this titillating blend of tart chords and chevron harmonies. Catch a note of aged wild rebellion, twined perfectly with daring hints of mammoth proportions – all complimented by a variable symphony of brown.

How not to hate someone

I ran into the original Mr. Shoes the other day, and I didn’t even recognize him. Weird sentence? Let me back up a bit. I call both of the individuals I consider my personal nemeses at work “Mr. Shoes.” Not to their faces, of course, but suffice it to say I’m not the only person who knows of this nickname. Harmless, isn’t it? Yet…oddly condescending. My favorite kind of spell to take away someone’s power…

Dogfooding your art

For a while, when I was a wee overachiever, I was often called a perfectionist. It wasn’t true, though. I was (and am) just good at spotting things that could still be improved. A perfectionist can’t bear to put something out into the world until it’s perfect, and thankfully I’ve never really had that problem. (I’ve been posting my drafts online since 2001.) When I started working at Microsoft nearly five years ago (!!), I…